Arden Shore

Formed in 1898 by members of the Glencoe Congregational Church, we began as a summer camp for Chicago’s impoverished mothers and children. Over the years the focus has changed but under the leadership of the following Chairmen of the Board the driving force has always been the commitment to meeting the needs of children and their families.

Mrs. Robert Gregory 1898-1905
Mrs. Frank McMullin 1906-11
Mrs. James E. Keith 1912-13
Mrs. Robert Gregory, 1914
Mrs. Philip Post, 1915
Mrs. J. McGregory Adams, 1916
Mrs. Philip Post, 1917
Mrs. Grant Ridgway, 1918-19
Mrs. Charles H. Thorne, 1920-23
Mrs. Joseph Siddal, 1924-25
Mrs. Arthur Tuttle, 1926
Mrs. Fred Wacker, 1927-29
Mrs. George Mason, 1930-34
Mrs. Kingman Douglass, 1935
Mrs. Harry A. Sellery, 1936
Mrs. Herbert Nock, 1937-38
Mrs. John E. Davis, 1939-41
Mrs. Proehl Jaklon, 1942-43
Mrs. George W. Traver, 1944
Mrs. Wyndham H. Channer, 1945
Mrs. Rockwood Edwards 1946-48
Mrs. Ivar N. Nelson, 1949-50
Mrs. Alexander Revell, 1951
Mrs. Lawrence L. Howe, 1952
Mrs. Norbert Thomas, 1953

Mrs. Lawrence L. Howe, 1954
Mrs. Kenneth Covell, 1955
Mrs. Allen Bulley, 1956
Mrs. Harold Wright, 1957-59
Mrs. Glen Forgan, 1960-63
Mrs. Richard Sears, 1964
Mrs. Jeanne Doyle, 1965-66
Mrs. Virginia Magnus, 1967-71
Mrs. James Donnelly, 1972-74
Mrs. John Bundock, Jr., 1976-77
Mrs. Carol Banick, 1978-81
Mrs. Edna MacMillin, 1982-85
Mrs. Susan Adams, 1986-89
Mrs. Sally Hunner, 1990-92
Mrs. Sally Swoyer, 1993-95
Mr. Samuel Beacham, 1995-96
Mrs. Deborah Chiles, 1997-98
Mrs. Pam Bailey 1999-2000
Mrs. Dottie Rzeszutko, 2001-02
Mr. Roland Eckert, 2003-04
Mr. Keith Schoenfeld, 2005-06
Mr. Charles Jesser, 2007-09
Mr. R. Shawn Heaviland, 2009
Mrs. Dottie Rzeszutko, 2010 to present


1898 to 1910

1910’s and 1920’s

1930’s and 1940’s

1950’s to early 1960’s

Mid 1960’s to mid 1980’s


2001 - Today

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