Foster Parents of the Year
2017: Tim and Natalie Vanlaningham
Midwesterners Tim and Natalie Vanlaningham were destined to be together. Both of their fathers are pastors. Both were taught faith, respect, personal responsibility, and sacrifice for the greater good. Natalie's parents provided foster care and adopted setting an example that Natalie, 27, and Tim, 31, have followed. Both made mission trips separately before they met. After they married, the couple completed mission trips together, including Rwanda. Both Tim and Natalie became dedicated school teachers choosing to live and work in Waukegan, IL. This exceptional couple began fostering with Arden Shore in 2014. The couple has fostered seven children to date and is currently fostering a toddler boy, preschool girl siblings, and 7-month old twin boys. Tim and Natalie are lucky to have exceptional family support, and we are very lucky to have them as part of our Arden Shore family.
2016:  Jason and Jennifer Marsh
Jennifer and Jason Marsh are both natives of northern Illinois. The couple met at the Holy Apostolic Catholic Church in McHenry. They were married in 2009. The church remains the center of their lives today. Jennifer is the marketing and digital communications director for church. She also manages the church bookstore and gift shop. Jason Marsh is a CAD (computer-aided design) drafter designing sound, visual, and lighting models. The couple and their two dogs, Ike and Layla, became a foster family with Arden Shore Child and Family Services in 2014. The couple makes their home in Woodstock where they are slowly turning their rural property into "the farm." Jennifer and Jason currently have four foster children ranging in age from two to fifteen who love the Marshes and "the farm."
2014: Art Smith and Jesus Salguiero
Art and Jesus are foster parents to four siblings and are in the final stages of the adoption process. According to Art: "You open restaurants, write books, and start charities, but nothing really grounds you like children. We thought we were missing something." In addition to fostering children, Art and Jesus have donated their time and amazing talent to Arden Shore for many years. Art succeeded in the Bravo cook-off and chose Arden Shore as the recipient of his winnings. Learn more.
2013: Carlos and Lorena Escobar
Carlos and Lorena Escobar have been foster parents for 11 years. They became licensed with Arden Shore Child and Family Services in 2007, and since that time they have fostered many children through Arden Shore. They obtained legal guardianship of one minor that they have had in their home since she was 3 weeks old. Today she is 9 years old. They also plan to finalize the adoption of another minor in October of 2013. This minor has been in their home for the past 6 years since he was 11 months old. In addition, Mr. and

Mrs. Escobar have two other foster children (ages 1 and 2) in their care now. Mr. and Mrs. Escobar have worked with the agency and many biological families to care for children and help them return home to their biological families when possible. They have been cooperative with taking the children to visit their families, and they have also invited some biological family members to their home to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays with the children.

The Escobar’s frequently find themselves caring for many of the neighborhood children as their home has become the “get together” place of the neighborhood. At any moment, especially during nice summer days, you could find the Escobar home and yard filled with children of all ages. Mr. and Mrs. Escobar have created a safe, nurturing and loving environment for all children.

Mr. and Mrs. Escobar keep the children very busy in healthy physical and social activities. They take the children to swimming lessons and frequent trips to the Wisconsin Dells. They frequently make play dates with other young children. Mr. and Mrs. Escobar also are very close to their extended family. All the Escobar’s family members have accepted all the foster children into their lives as an equal family member.

Carlos and Lorena continue to put forth their best effort to attend to the emotional, medical, educational and developmental needs of all children in their care. They have excelled at multi-tasking and meeting the many needs of the children, the agency, the courts and the biological families. The Escobar family has continuously provided an overall educational, caring and stable home environment for many of the foster children of Arden Shore.


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