Arden Shore Group Home for Boys

Arden Shore operates a group home for about seven boys, ages 10 – 18 years, with emotional and behavioral disorders, a result of early trauma, who are unable to thrive in typical home environments. We provide a safe and caring environment and the support they need to reinforce a shaky foundation. This includes in-home therapy to help them build resilience, structured activities to create stability such as part-time jobs, and independent living skills for when they are on their own. We make sure each boy has the education they need to develop their own gifts and talents.

  • Last year, two boys out of seven have moved into positive, independent living situations having either gone back to a home with parents, family members or foster care or have moved into an apartment. Children in this age range who have suffered trauma need significant, intensive support so this is a great achievement for them and for us.
  • In Summer 2017, three of the boys thrived at summer jobs where they can interact with other adults and youth their age while two are attending summer school for a needed educational boost.
  • Arden Shore provides over 1000 therapeutic treatment hours for the boys each year, helping them to develop tools for dealing with stress, handling conflict, and ultimately being on their own.

For more information, please contact  (847) 903- 9908, ext. 163. If you are able, please donate to the group home with a financial gift or in-kind contribution. The home and the boys in our care have on-going building, household and personal needs. 


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