Arden Shore helps the diverse children and families of Lake County, Illinois who need support to overcome psychological, emotional and behavioral barriers, resulting from abuse or neglect, trauma and mental illness.

In 2016, Arden Shore’s dedicated team of experts provided expert guidance and resources to over 1450 children and adults.

Meet Mary and Isaac.
Preventing abuse and intervening early and effectively when abuse does occur are two important ways we can help children maintain or regain the stable foundation they need. Short periods of low-level stress are normal and healthy--this is positive stress. But other types can affect the body's alarm systems in ways that disrupt health and development. This kind of toxic stress, if not addressed early, can be a barrier to building the kind of solid foundation youth need to develop in learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health. Earlier in life, Mary’s son, Isaac, experienced significant abuse. Isaac struggled with these behavioral effects, particularly in managing anger, and Mary turned to Arden Shore Child and Family Services for counseling for Isaac.
At Mary’s request, Arden Shore partnered Isaac with a male therapist to address his challenges with male figures because of the repeated, severe trauma he suffered. Arden Shore’s counseling professionals work with adults, children and families to make sure they have the therapy they need to heal from trauma, ensure well-being, and reach their full potential.
Mary shares: I see a positive change in my son. He knows how to control his anger with words, learning how to communicate and tell me what is wrong when things are not going his way whether at home or at school. He is learning how to follow directions so, when he is outside the home, he will not have any repercussions from any person in authority. Last, but not least, Isaac is learning how to make good and bad choices—and he knows if he makes a bad choice, depending on the situation, he does not get to choose the consequence.
While the healing, growing, and family bonding processes are nurtured, in moments of intense stress, Isaac can now stop, recognize his anger, hug his mom, and they “stay in each other’s arms until we feel that deep relief of breathing. What a great feeling. Smile.” And for Arden Shore, our team, our time, our experience, and our dedication to achieving moments like these are the precious materials that it takes to rebuild children’s lives.


Miguel goes back to school with help of counseling program

Miguel had already been out of school for six months when he was referred to our Family Centered Services counseling program, a service for families whose children have been truant, suspended, or expelled. He had had been expelled for two years for an incident of vandalism, with no previous history of disciplinary issues.

Miguel was only 11 years old at the time and was receiving no educational services of any kind. His grandparents could not afford to send him to a private school and were uncertain about what other options were available besides waiting until the expulsion period was over.

Therapy was provided to address issues related to the expulsion as well as previous family issues. The school agreed to tutor for Miguel temporarily thanks to testimonials from the therapist, assistant principal, and the school district liaison. Once tutoring began, Miguel quickly excelled in all subjects and his tutor gave glowing reports to the school district about his progress. In less than 6 months, he had completed two school grades. Miguel’s attitude also began to improve in therapy, and his demeanor and behavior at home improved as well.

As the school year drew to a close, Miguel’s fate lay in the hands of the school board. The school superintendent who had been in regular contact with the therapist, agreed that the punishment of expulsion had been much too harsh for a child as young as Miguel. After showing positive growth in nearly all areas of his life and being out of school for over a year, the board voted in favor of his return to school at the start of next school year.


Family starts over with help from Intact Program’s comprehensive support services

A family was referred to Arden Shore by DCFS because of domestic violence that had taken place in the home. The father had been physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive towards his wife and young children. He was subsequently deported after having been arrested by the police, leaving his wife to care for his two young children and a newborn baby. Soon thereafter, the family home went into foreclosure.

By working with the caseworker and opening up to community resources and social networks, this single mother found an apartment, a full time job, purchased a used car, obtained a driver’s license, enrolled her children in their new schools, and found a way to work out child care during her work hours. She and her children received therapeutic services for trauma resulting from the abuse at the hands of the husband and father. When the case closed, the family was self sufficient, linked with service providers in their community, and in a much healthier place.


Supportive foster parents and hard work help Stephanie reach dreams of college

Five years ago, Stephanie was brought into foster care, the home she was removed from was plagued by domestic violence, alcoholism and neglect. When she was first placed in foster care Stephanie was timid, shy, introverted and underachieving. She was initially placed with relatives, but the placement was short-lived and she was moved to a traditional licensed foster home.

Her new foster parents refused to accept the mediocrity and culture of failure to which Stephanie was accustomed. She was encouraged to apply herself in school and with interpersonal relationships. She was also encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities and was soon vying for a spot on the Varsity cross country and track team at Wauconda High School. Soon Stephanie began to experience success in both sports and school. She also worked summers as a camp counselor and was employed at a grocery store during the school year.

Stephanie had never thought much about her future and college had always seemed to be out-of-reach. By her sophomore year, it was clear that Stephanie was bright and talented young woman. She was getting A’s and B’s in all of her classes and was an important part of her school’s track and cross country teams. She continued to rise to the expectations of her foster parents and began to realize that her future was wide open if she worked hard. She graduated from high school, an accomplishment in and of itself for any child. Stephanie since was accepted at Northern Illinois University is now living her dream of attending college.

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