Miguel goes back to school with help of counseling program

Miguel had already been out of school for six months when he was referred to our Family Centered Services counseling program, a service for families whose children have been truant, suspended, or expelled. He had had been expelled for two years for an incident of vandalism, with no previous history of disciplinary issues.

Miguel was only 11 years old at the time and was receiving no educational services of any kind. His grandparents could not afford to send him to a private school and were uncertain about what other options were available besides waiting until the expulsion period was over.

Therapy was provided to address issues related to the expulsion as well as previous family issues. The school agreed to tutor for Miguel temporarily thanks to testimonials from the therapist, assistant principal, and the school district liaison. Once tutoring began, Miguel quickly excelled in all subjects and his tutor gave glowing reports to the school district about his progress. In less than 6 months, he had completed two school grades. Miguel’s attitude also began to improve in therapy, and his demeanor and behavior at home improved as well.

As the school year drew to a close, Miguel’s fate lay in the hands of the school board. The school superintendent who had been in regular contact with the therapist, agreed that the punishment of expulsion had been much too harsh for a child as young as Miguel. After showing positive growth in nearly all areas of his life and being out of school for over a year, the board voted in favor of his return to school at the start of next school year.

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