Supportive foster parents and hard work help Stephanie reach dreams of college

Five years ago, Stephanie was brought into foster care, the home she was removed from was plagued by domestic violence, alcoholism and neglect. When she was first placed in foster care Stephanie was timid, shy, introverted and underachieving. She was initially placed with relatives, but the placement was short-lived and she was moved to a traditional licensed foster home.

Her new foster parents refused to accept the mediocrity and culture of failure to which Stephanie was accustomed. She was encouraged to apply herself in school and with interpersonal relationships. She was also encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities and was soon vying for a spot on the Varsity cross country and track team at Wauconda High School. Soon Stephanie began to experience success in both sports and school. She also worked summers as a camp counselor and was employed at a grocery store during the school year.

Stephanie had never thought much about her future and college had always seemed to be out-of-reach. By her sophomore year, it was clear that Stephanie was bright and talented young woman. She was getting A’s and B’s in all of her classes and was an important part of her school’s track and cross country teams. She continued to rise to the expectations of her foster parents and began to realize that her future was wide open if she worked hard. She graduated from high school, an accomplishment in and of itself for any child. Stephanie since was accepted at Northern Illinois University is now living her dream of attending college.

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