Community led and family focused, the Family Center will work to end the cycle of trauma and forge a new path towards a culture of intergenerational health and wellbeing.

Connecting families is the best thing we can do to prevent child abuse and neglect. Our communities are experiencing crisis-level incidents of childhood trauma and neglect. To achieve the transformational change our communities deserve, we must look at the whole system and build a shared understanding of the patterns underlying the problems. Research has identified certain factors, called protective factors—such as parental resiliency, children’s social and emotional competence, support networks, and access to resources like literacy, technology, and job skills—as building blocks to help children function well at home, in school, and in the community. The Family Center is positioned to build protective factors in families with an impact that will transcend generations and make our communities stronger.

Arden Shore recognizes that the community holds the answers for unlocking its greatest potential. Rooted in the community for over 120 years, Arden Shore sees its role as an innovated leader, capable of bringing the community together to facilitate conversations that will shift from singular blame to a shared opportunity. Located in the lower level of its headquarters in Waukegan, the Family Center will provide a platform for community members to come together and lead program prioritization, design, and implementation, while leveraging established systems.

Interested in partnering with Arden Shore to make the Family Center a reality?

Arden Shore is committed to reducing the prevalence of abuse and neglect in our communities. Individual donors, private foundations, and local government have invested $500,000 in the Family Center to secure the location and elevator access—the first step in making the vision a reality. The next step is to invest resources in community engagement and program development.

You can help put real resources behind the effort to give power to voices from the community, leverage existing supports, effect lasting change for children and families, and stop child abuse and neglect before it starts.

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact Dr. Dora Maya, President & CEO, at