Based on more than 50 years of providing child protective services, Arden Shore is seeking to establish a one-of-a-kind Family Center in Lake County that will bring improved health and wellness to our community.

Located in the lower level of its headquarters in Waukegan, the Family Center will be designed to help children and families be successful at home, at work, and in other areas of life by unifying and strengthening the family.

Arden Shore’s Family Center will improve the well-being of the Lake County community by providing programs and services to help families build the skills necessary to prevent child abuse and neglect, ensuring that parents and children can reach their full potential. The programs will provide families with the tools they need to build strong, life-long relationships, raise healthy, well-adjusted children; effectively address life’s challenges, and earn a good living.

The Family Center will employ a family-centered approach, with Arden Shore’s dedicated staff working closely with a community advisory committee to assure relevancy, accountability, and effectiveness of its programming. It will address the family and community in its entirety, engaging the children and the important adults in a child’s life – parents, grandparents, and extended family, as part of a child’s “nurturing network”.

A culturally appropriate place, anchored by a community kitchen, the Family Center will be a place for families to gather, build friendships, learn new skills, and share experiences. Open evenings and weekends, it will be staffed with culturally and linguistically competent professionals who can provide parents with timely services in a manner in which they are most comfortable.

Interested in partnering with Arden Shore to make the Family Center a reality?

Funding has been secured to develop the plan and build out significant portions of the Family Center. Support from the community is needed to fund the remainder of the build out and develop the services necessary to bring this model of well-being to Lake County.

For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact Dr. Dora Maya, President & CEO, at