Arden Shore knows that stable, permanent homes are foundational for children’s present and future well-being. When children have what they need to reach their full potential, they become thriving adults and contribute to our communities in meaningful ways.

Arden Shore makes sure children can recover and rebuild from abuse or neglect by working closely with foster parents to provide a nurturing home and stable environment. We do things like assessing the child’s physical and emotional needs before placement, working with the biological parents when possible, and regularly checking in on the foster parents and siblings.

“Arden Shore never gave up on me. Today I am healthy and I have my son back at home. For that, I am extremely grateful.”


Many adults play meaningful roles in helping children reach their full potential. Arden Shores has been repeatedly recognized by DCFS for exceptional foster parent involvement in providing input and guidance into our programs so we could make sure all our children have what they need to thrive.

To inquire about our foster care services contact Jennifer Woods at 847-623-1730 ext 132. Thinking of becoming a Foster Parent? Become a Foster Parent.


  • 3500

    Staff made more than 3,500 supportive visits ensuring active parent support and education.

  • 134

    More than 134 families participating in the Intact Family Preservation Program remain together and have not had a recurrence of abuse or neglect.


Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has recognized Arden Shore and given it the highest marks for engaging families, providing high quality guidance and assistance, and ultimately, helping families stay together in a way that is safe and supportive. Because of Arden Shore’s success and cultural and linguistic competencies, DCFS is now assigning Arden Shore cases from McHenry County, expanding the program’s reach and increasing its impact.

Resources for current foster parents

  • Foster Parent Law Implementation Plan 2017

    • Foster Care Implementation Plan
    • Plan de Implementacion para Padres de Crianza
  • Foster Parent Grievance Procedure

    • Forma de Agravio Sugerencia para Padres de Crianza
    • Procedimiento Colección de las Sugerencias y Agravios
    • Foster Parent Grievance Form
    • Foster Parent Grievance Procedure
  • Adoption Annual

    • DSFS Adoption Form