Junior League of Evanston-North Shore Supports Independence

July 1, 2019

(Arden Shore honored at the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore’s 95th Anniversary Celebration.)

Arden Shore is grateful to be a recipient of The Junior League of Evanston-North Shore’s (JLE-NS) Community Assistance Fund. JLE-NS provides women a unique forum to develop personally and professionally while making a difference to individual lives and transforming communities. The JLE-NS awarded Arden Shore $2,500 to help youth residing in Arden Shore’s Group Home heal from trauma and prepare for independence.

Arden Shore’s Waukegan Group Home is a community-based program that provides 24-hour therapeutic services to boys ages 10 to 18 who have serious emotional and behavioral challenges, a result of early trauma. Arden Shore provides a safe and caring environment and the support the boys need to reinforce a shaky foundation, like in-home therapy to help them build resilience, structured activities to create stability, and independent living skills for when they are on their own. Additionally, we make sure each boy has the education they need to develop their own gifts and talents.

Operational support, like JLE-NS’s grant funding, helps to fill needs created by gaps in State funding, which has failed to keep pace with the increased cost of living since 2000. Arden Shore is grateful for JLE-NS’s commitment to our shared community’s well-being.