125 Anniversary Cocktail Event

June 16, 2023

On June 16, Arden Shore Day was a day of recognition, reflection, and a beautiful reminder of the generosity of Arden Shore’s friends and family that fueled the last 125 years of Rebuilding Children’s Lives. Arden Shore Child and Family Services Day culminated in a celebration with its community of supporters. Arden Shore’s President and CEO, Dr. Dora Maya, spoke about the organization’s 125-year history and how much has changed and grown in just the last 25 years since Arden Shore shifted from a predominately residential service organization to a community-based service organization. Mark Dybas, Arden Shore’s Vice President of Human Resources, underscored that the impact of the organization is owed to the selfless efforts of its professional staff and community of families and foster families. Jennifer, a current foster parent, gave the main address, sharing what being a foster parent means for her and her family.

Arden Shore Day demonstrated that together with its network of support, Arden Shore can carry forward the legacy of the organization’s agile and resilient compassion and galvanize a path to a future where our community is a healthy place to live, work, and play.

Check out some amazing moments from the celebration below!