Add your name to the Family Tree

April 4, 2022

Children and families healing from trauma are a part of our community. Show them you are a part of theirs.

From April 3-May 7, Arden Shore hopes to fill our Family Tree with 500 hearts, bearing the names of donors who know that no child can ever have too many people who love them.

Add your name to the Arden Shore Family Tree. Donate $10 today.

Child abuse. Foster care. Volunteerism. Mental Health. These themes are recognized in April and May. This 5-week campaign to build our family tree overlaps these national initiatives, culminating with Children’s Mental Health Week May 1-7.

As the needs in our community continue to grow, our work requires a significant growth in our community of support—and that requires reach. That’s why Arden Shore launched this campaign now, its most ambitious awareness campaign yet. We know it will be challenging. Your participation will not only directly benefit the lives of children and families in our community, but also help to raise awareness for our shared vision–that all children, regardless of circumstance, can reach their full potential.

Add your name today.

Grow Your Branch

Keep it growing! Here are 3 ways you can help fill the tree:


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