Making home a place where everyone can thrive

April 9, 2020

While the world shelters in place, families throughout our community are spending more time together at home. While many of us are able to slow down and enjoy one another’s company, some families are facing challenges related to basic needs, childcare, schooling in place, finances, and anxiety associated with this unpredictable time.
As families remain in place, Arden Shore’s programs and services are becoming increasingly important to our community’s health and well-being. Our resilient staff and creative community continue to find paths to create safety, security, and joy in these times. Here are just a few examples of the essential services Arden Shore continues to provide:

Services for Youth

As an essential service, the Group Home continues to serve the boys in our care 24/7. Like other homes throughout the country, the children are home from school and transitioning to e-learning. Staff remain keenly aware of the importance of maintaining the structure and routine children need. “Staff are doing an outstanding job of continuing to come to work everyday, stay positive, and educate and inform our youth–promoting a safe, caring, and therapeutic environment during these uncertain and trying times,” said Carie Pasenelli, Director of Residential Services.

Supplies for Families in Need

Intact Family Preservation Services continue to work with families, while maintaining physical distance for the safety of the staff and families they serve. During one video visit, it became clear that a family was in need of food and toiletries. Arden Shore’s staff safely delivered food and supplies to help the family get through this time of need, plus board games to keep the children’s energy focused on a positive family activity. The family said of their case worker, “I think Ms. Candice is awesome. She is honest, upfront, and always comes through. Thank you for always helping me.”

Supports for the Spanish-Speaking Community

Some families in our community are experiencing additional challenges navigating the evolving landscape of their children’s remote learning due to language barriers and the technology gap. For teens experiencing mental health challenges, the stress of these circumstances can quickly escalate. Arden Shore’s Behavioral Health team is prepared to address this complexity faced by families in our community.
In one case, a therapist supported the parents by pointing them to web-based resources in Spanish, which they used to facilitate their child’s learning and reduce the associated anxiety. The therapist was able to help this family in extraordinary times to navigate both the changes in school and therapy, while managing a language barrier.

Happy 15th Birthday, Nadia!

Ms. Nadia Shaaban generously chose to celebrate her birthday by donating gifts to the youth living in Arden Shore’s Group Home. This is Nadia’s third year sharing her birthday. Nadia not only brought gifts, but raised $700 to donate to the children in our care! Thank you for your unwavering support, Nadia! You are inspiring!