Our Family Tree is Growing!

April 21, 2022

Arden Shore’s Family Tree is Growing!

Arden Shore is filling the Family Tree with 500 hearts in the names of donors who know that no child can ever have too many people who love them. This campaign coincides with national initiatives related to child abuse prevention, foster care, and behavioral health, culminating with Children’s Mental Health Week May 1-7. Investing in the health and resilience of children is crucial in the wake of the pandemic. A recent study by the CDC uncovered significant worsening mental health in high school students.

  • More than 2 out of 5 students (44%) had felt persistent sadness or hopelessness that caused them to stop doing some usual activities.
  • About 1 in 5 students seriously considered suicide.
  • About 1 in 10 students attempted suicide.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, about 65% of students said they found it more difficult to complete their school work.
  • More than 50% of students reported emotional abuse by a parent or other adult in their home.
  • About 25% experienced hunger.

“Echoing across my younger clients as well as the parents of children is just how hard everything has been. Whether it is grieving the loss of loved ones, grieving the loss of expectations or goals, or grieving the way things have changed, I have heard very few people report positive outcomes from the pandemic. But I am hopeful for the younger generation. While change has been slow, the youth I am working with report improved moods. They feel more empowered due to the tools gained in therapy and have begun to take control back of different things in their lives while appropriately grieving all they have gone through. While the effects of the pandemic are not over, those with the support and tools to get through this tough time can still succeed and live a life worth living.” -Thea, Arden Shore Behavioral Health Therapist

More than half of those on Arden Shore’s waiting list for mental health support services are children. By donating to Arden Shore and adding your name to the family tree, you are not only making it possible for Arden Shore to provide quality service that partners with families to address the root causes of childhood trauma, you are also telling children in need that they are a part of your community.
Help Arden Shore send this message loud and clear: you are not alone.
Add your name today. Donate $10.

Thank you to all those who have added their heart to our Family Tree!

Melinda Sutter  x 2
Paul Cherner  x 2.5
Steven Schenker 
Jane Waller  x 2.5
Dora Maya in Memory of Alicia Torres De Maya  x 10
The Levinson Family  x 5
Melissa Luebbe  x 5
Sargon Guliana  x 10
Carie Pasenelli  x 10
Nancy Hanrahan  x 2
Adriane Hutchinson 
Kathryn Nixon  x 10
The Dybas Family  x 30
Maurella Bochenko  x 10

Donate $10 today to help fill the tree!

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