Street Naming Ceremony Honoring Arden Shore

June 16, 2023

On June 16, the City of Waukegan and Mayor Ann Taylor celebrated Arden Shore Child and Family Services Day, honoring the organization for its 125 years of service. The “Arden Shore Child and Family Services” street sign was installed on the corner of Genesee Street and Grand Avenue in Waukegan, IL.

Thank you to Waukegan Mayor Ann Taylor, Congressman Brad Schneider, Waukegancityclerk Janet Kilkelly, Lake County, IL Government Board Vice Chair Mary Ross Cunningham, Senator Adriane Johnson, and Arden Shore’s community for celebrating our past and partnering with Arden Shore for a healthier future!




Pictured left to right: (Congressman Brad Schneider, Senator Adriane Johnson, Waukegan Mayor Ann Taylor, Arden Shore President and CEO Dr. Dora Maya, Lake County Government Board Vice Chair Mary Ross Cunningham, Arden Shore Vice President of Human Resources Mark Dybas, and Arden Shore Board Member Luis Barrios.)