Announcing the 2019 Foster Parents of the Year

August 16, 2019

Laurie and James Bethmann

Laurie and James Bethmann began their foster care journey in December of 2017. Providing a loving home to a child in need was deep in their hearts, and they knew that it would be a wonderful experience for their family. Early in 2018, Laurie and James took a chance and accepted placement of 8-year old twins. They provided a loving, stable home for the twins that ended up with the twins reunifying with their biological mother in December of 2018. To this day, they maintain a relationship with the twins and the twin’s mother. Later in 2018, Laurie and James accepted placement of a newborn baby girl, who still remains in Laurie and James’ care. The Bethmann’s have been a phenomenal foster family to the children placed in their home.

All of the Arden Shore staff that has worked with this family has expressed their appreciation and fondness of Laurie, James, Connor, and their dogs. This foster family has gone above and beyond in providing a loving, stable home to the foster children who have walked through their doors. With reunification as the main goal of foster care, it’s essential to have foster parents who assist with achieving this goal and this is exactly what the Bethmann’s have done in their fostering journey. Laurie and James’ contribution to  the Arden Shore foster care program has been exceptional and we are honored to name them Arden Shore’s Foster Parents of the Year.

Laurie and James were honored at the 2019 Donor Recognition Reception on August 15, 2019.

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